New Zealand in Motion

Our images from New Zealand are now all finally up in our gallery, and we both feel that it represents some of our most creative images to date. There were many highlights, but learning to be patient and "see" in all conditions, as well as being inspired by our fellow photographers would be at the top of the list.

Here we have included some images of the group:

We have also put together a short video which is a collection of sequential Images of predominantly seascapes. This is not a true "time lapse" video as the exposure, shutter speed and interval between shots are highly variable. Rather, we have put together a sequence of similar images with differing exposures and timing. This may help illustrate the processes that we go through in capturing the one desired image at any one location, with any one composition.

The number of images taken generally reflect what we feel is required to capture the right "movement" to depict motion in our photography.

If you are eagled eyed enough, you may be able to pick the "image frame" that we selected for processing and publishing, from each set.

New Zealand in Motion from Light and Motion Photography on Vimeo.

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