New Zealand Expedition

Light and Motion Photography is looking forward to attending the South Island Autumn Expedition in New Zealand next week. This expedition is being led by renowned landscape photographers Kah Kit Yoong and Winnie Ho of Magic Hour Travelscapes, and promises to provide an enlightening insight into the natural beauty of this country.

The last time we were in New Zealand was in 2007, when we tramped along the Milford Track, and were left in awe of the grandeur of the Alpine passes, the peace and serenity of the valleys, and the rage of the many waterfalls along the route. We even witnessed an avalanche from the safety of Mackinnon Pass.

The following image is of Sutherland Falls, arguably the tallest falls in New Zealand at 580 metres. It could be heard long before we saw it, and its power and fury were particularly evident after heavy rainfall the evening before.

Andy and Alvin look forward to sharing some of their images from this expedition in the "New Image" section, which has been recently added to this website.

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